painting and photographic works

iPhoneography – 3 Flowers

Here are three flowers that I’ve walked by in the last couple of days and I was sure glad to have my little camera available to capture these beauties:

This end result of this photo made me pretty impressed with the quality of the iPhone camera.  One can not select the exposure on this camera so the flower in the initial photo looked  like one big blob of white. However, I ended up being very pleased that there was still a lot of detail captured. I used the Photo Shop Mobile app on the iPhone to repeatedly reduce the exposure. While the back ground faded to black, a lot of subtle shading became visible in the  flower. I added a purple tint to the flower to arrive at this final image.

Today I ran across two sunflowers – one a brilliant traditional yellow and the other with some more interesting colors:

The blue fence boards behind the flower certainly create a nice background to this unusually colored flower. Both of these sunflower photos were taken with the Hipstamatic application and  this one in particular was processed with the PS Mobile app to enhance the colors beyond what was actually captured ( but closer to the colors I perceived.


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