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Progress Report – a Street Scene in pastel

On August 14th I got back to work on my recent large pastel piece. By the end of the session this is how it looked:

At this stage I used some pan pastel on the red regions. I liked the intensity and warmth of the Permanent Red.  It was my first time trying these pan pastels and I like them but it was a little different using the sponge applicator to apply the pigment. It will take awhile before I am comfortable with working with these but I saw no reason that I won’t be able to use them and various stick pastels together on one piece.

a variety of pastels used in creating this piece

I was torn (as I often seem to be on my work), with how abstract to make the piece. I initially was inspired to do this piece by a photo I had created that eliminated most of the detail and left just a pattern of color regions. However as I worked on this piece on Saturday I found myself  adding little bits of detail to make things more recognizable.  So, although I had signed this piece and called it done,  upon further reflection I’ve decided that I want to do a bit more work on it (still undecided on which way on the abstraction continuum I will go).

detail - of Street Scene, pastel work-in-progress

On the 14th, I also got most of the design laid out on a larger canvas for an oil painting. I have chosen to use a fairly large canvas (24 by 30 inches ; 61×81 cm). I had covered the canvas with a light orangy-red tone and then sketched in my design with charcoal. I also shade in regions of the canvas to get a rudimentary value map.

roughed in sketch on canvas for next oil painting


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