painting and photographic works

Experiments in Black and White Photography

This week I have challenged myself to do some black and white photography. I have captured a few black and white  (or at least monochrome/tinted) images with the iPhone recently but it has been a while since I’ve tackled B&W with the DSLR.

I prefer to shoot in full color with my Nikon D80 and then do the conversion to black and white later, back at the computer using Capture NX2. Doing the conversion at this stage allows me to experiment with different color “filters” in the conversion process to select the value relationships between different colors.

I have noticed that it does take a different “eye” to capture good black and white images. Obviously the attraction of colors (which generally is a big thing for me) takes a back seat to other elements of the composition – the lines, value relationship and of course the subject matter. In fact one of the big advantages of black and white images is that the importance of the subject, the story, may be really emphazised when the flashiness of the color is stripped away.

Anyway, here are a few images taken on August 20, 2010 around the eastern edge of downtown Edmonton.


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