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Two New Books for My Studio Library

I love books and I am passionate about art so it should be no surprise that I have a weakness for art books. I am excited by the recent arrival of  two new books in the mail.

The first book is “Night Studio, A Memoir of Philip Guston” by  Musa Mayer. This book was recommended to me  by a blog commenter after I expressed my delight in having read the biography of de Kooning.

"Night Studio, A Memoir of Philip Guston" by Musa Mayer

Guston was a painter who lived from 1913-1980, during the golden age of Abstract Expressionism. He counted among his friends de Kooning, Rothko and Pollock. Having read the stories of some of these contemporaries I am looking forward to learning how Guston saw the scene and fits into the puzzle.

The second new arrival is the 2007 book “Marsden Hartley and the West, The Search for American Modernism” by Heather Hole.

"Marsden Hartley and the West" by Heather Hole

I became aware of Marsden through my interest in the Canadian “Group of Seven” painters. I have long wondered about American connections and parallels to this quintessential Canadian painting movement. Somewhere I read the reference to Marsden Hartley and a little Google and Amazon searching lead me to this book. I like what I see in terms of Hartley’s painting style and will be interested to learn if this book makes reference to any Canadian connections. Hartley lived between 1877 and 1943 and this book focuses on his period in New Mexico between 1918 and 1924.

I certainly expect to report more on each of these books once I have had an opportunity to read them.


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