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Downtown Edmonton – Images in Black and White

On Friday September 24 at noon I was walking around downtown Edmonton, with my Nikon. Between the colors of autumn, clear blue skies, architecture and reflections off water and highrise windows, I found lots to take pictures of.  In most of the photos, color was an important part of the image that I captured but a few jumped out at me as obvious black and white images. So I removed the color, adjusted the contrast etc. with Capture NX2 and here are five of my favorites:


"Going Up"




"Through the Wall"


Looking through an opening on the east side of  Edmonton’s City Hall.



"One Lonely Cloud"


The sky this afternoon was a beautiful deep blue and virtually cloudless. This one little cloud stood out. It looked pretty striking against the blue but I immediately thought about converting to black and white using a “color filter” to turn the blue to near-black. This is pretty much what I envisioned – I’m happy with it!



"Walking the Grid"


A grid of shadow lines on Churchill Square


"Pyramid Maintenance"


A worker at the peak of the iconic glass pyramid of Edmonton’s City Hall.


One response

  1. I really like this series of images – the lack of colour puts all the emphasis back on lines and shapes, and it works well.

    2010/10/09 at 5:32 am

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