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It’s Hip to be Surreal

The last few days I’ve been exploring  a new add-on to the Hipstamatic application for the iPhone. The new “Salvador 84” “lens” pays homage to the surrealistic art of Salvador Dali. I’ve been taking many photos and trying to figure out what  exactly this app does so that I can control and use the effects for my creative purposes.

All of these images were taken from a single exposure, just one push of the “shutter”, The application obviously created a 2nd image from the original and superimposes it over the original. There is a degree of rotation between the two images and there does seem to be a delightful element of randomness to the process.

Here are a few of my early explorations of the “Salvador 84” “lens” :

Salv Portrait

City Hall Clock/Bell Tower Reflected

The first 2  photos shows a vertical “reflection plane” straight down the middle of the image.
With other images things aren’t so simple. In this next image you can see  a slight rotation (maybe 20 degrees) and an offset between the original and secondary image.

Street Corner


“Pyramids” looks like it could have been composed of  3 or  4 or 5 images but again it was just a single shot. It is clear in this photo that the app has created a second image which has been shifted diagonally down but with no appear any rotation between the two. This image is the only one of this posting for which I used the DreamCanvas “film” that is packaged with the Salvador 84 lens.

Split Pigeon

“Split Pigeon” was an interesting, surreal surprise in that the crack between the paving blocks seems to go over and split the front bird.

Go - Don't Walk

This final image “Go – Don’t Walk” is simple enough to show the original and duplicate image with a change in size, intensity and a significant rotation between the two – but interesting.

In all of the images in this post I did do a bit of post-Hipstamatic-processing in terms of adjustments to contrast and color saturation

This is a fun add-on to the Hipstamatic portfolio that can certainly yield some creative results – I just want to learn better how to predict and/or control what happens. Next I intend to experiment with taking multiple photos of the same scene to see if there is some random variation in the way the application processes each image.


2 responses

  1. Tracy

    Go Don’t Walk is awesome! All very good. Makes me miss that city just a little.

    2010/11/06 at 2:55 pm

    • Thanks Tracy! The city does have some attractions (and photo-ops)

      2010/11/07 at 5:36 pm

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