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Revisiting (repainting) Candles in the Rain

I don’t often (probably never have) replicate one of my own paintings, but this week I did (kind of). I have in the past, painted a series of studies where one paintings will be the basis for another (usually larger) one. In this case though, I have taken an old painting and made a much smaller version. Curious?

In a recent blog post I wrote about one of my personal favorites of my paintings: Candles in the Rain from 1992. I mentioned how I didn’t think I’d ever sell that one. The original painting was 20 by 24 inches (51 x 61 cm) but this new one is just 4 by 6 inches (10 by 15 cm) which is a standard postcard size. This one will be for sale!

So what is the special occasion to inspire me to paint this small version of an old favorite and offer it for sale? It is the Twitter Art Exhibit  in Norway, that I spoke about in my Oct 23rd blog post . Basically, artists from around the world (who are part of the Twitter community) are sending  postcard-size works that will be sold to raise funds to buy children’s books for a local library. David Sandum, a local artist there, is the creative and energetic genius behind this big project. Note that there are expected to be over 140 works in this show!

It was a challenge to me to work on such a small scale when in recent times I’ve been pushing myself to work on larger paintings. Also challenging was going back to acrylic paints after having worked mainly in oils recently.  Even the subject matter and style is a bit different from my recent work. Nonetheless, it came together and I am happy with the result. In case you are wondering , no it is not a stroke for stroke replica of the original. I retained the major elements and tried to replicate the feel but if you were to compare the two side by side  you would spot the differences (size difference notwithstanding).

So  here it is:

Candles in the Rain (2010)

… and if you happen to be in Moss, Norway in December perhaps you will have an opportunity to purchase it and add it to your collection.


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