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A Salt Spring Painting Excursion (day 10) – Bringing it Home

Monday November 19th, 2007: All good things have to come to an end and today was the end of this excursion. Unlike my adventuresome journey here via the train, the return trip would be much more mundane  (and quicker).

I was awake at 5:30 and soon up. I had a quick breakfast and packed up my gear so I’d be ready for my ride at 9:20 to the ferry

My gear packed and ready to go

I had a few minutes for one last look around the place I’d called home for 7 days – Fridas Villa, the wonderful Frida Kahlo themed B&B.

Fridas Villa coffee table

A decorative Frida throw

The bathroom sink

After a short ride to Fulford Harbour, I was soon on the ferry for the trip to Swartz  Bay.

beside the Fulford Harbour ferry terminal

the "Skeena Queen" that would take me from Fulford to Swartz Bay

Farewell view of a misty Salt Spring from Fulford Harbour

After the uneventful ferry trip, I took a taxi to Victoria International Airport. There I had a few hours to kill before boarding for my 1 hour flight back to Edmonton. It was sad to be ending this wonderful trip but it was very satisfying  to be headed home to family.


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