painting and photographic works

A Winter’s Stroll

Join me, through a few photos, on a walk through the natural environment of Edmonton’s river valley, on New Years Eve 2010. I was out for an hour or so in the early afternoon. The sun came out and was brilliant but not enough to save from being bundled up against the -17C temperature. Although it was a bit frustrating at times trying to find the shutter through my mitts I did manage to take all of my photos without removing them and exposing my hands.

suspected beaver damage

Snow on Tilted Trunk

Low Winter Sun

Two Tall

Winter Berries

A Touch of Gold

No Picnics Today




3 responses

  1. How beautiful! Happy New Year to you!

    2010/12/31 at 5:46 pm

  2. Beautiful shots Randy. Sure brings the Winter moments to myself sitting through a chilly evening waiting for the rain to get here. Really nice to see your Winter there…beautiful!

    2010/12/31 at 6:35 pm

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