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Color in a Cold Dark City

Consider this part two of my presentation of photos taken on the cold snowy night of January 14th in downtown Edmonton. In a previous post I shared 7 black and white photos from that evening. In this post we look at color photos, although admittedly in some images the colors are pretty subtle.

Trees, Signs and Lights in a Snowstorm

Some Kind of Snow Monster?


Snow Booth


Lights at the Corner

Lonely Bike Rack

Jasper Avenue Southside

Snow on the Wires, Snow on the Windows

Lamp and Snow Mounds

Snow Load


2 responses

  1. Riley Powell

    Mr. Talbot,
    I really like your work! I am taking a college course right now as I write this message. For a final project I need to imitate a professional photographer. I stumbled upon some of your work and have honestly enjoyed it! I really like your urban abstract photos. I am curious about what all inspires your photographs, what is it that you focus on? What are some techniques you use? Do you take these photos at certain times of the day because of the sunlight? What camera do you prefer? And what lens do you use? I want to do my best on this project. If you could give me some tips it would be much appreciated! Keep up the good work!

    2013/11/18 at 8:57 pm

    • Thank you Riley, I will try to answer these questions for you over the next few days.

      2013/11/19 at 7:09 am

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