painting and photographic works

Funny How the (my) Brain Works

First impressions – what do you see?

I took this photo but when I looked at this image I must say I was baffled. My first impression was it was the face of some creature from a fantasy movie (or out of a nightmare).

Part of the reason this image looks the way it does is because I took the photo with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone, using the Salvador 84 “lens”.  That lens applies a certain mirror imaging effect to create a a “Dali-ish” surrealism.

However the my biggest block to perceiving the reality behind this image was just that I had turned it 90 degrees.

This is what the original image looked like (just turning the top image back 90 degrees clockwise) :









Pretty obvious now eh?

Is it just me (and my brain) or did you too have trouble perceiving the top image but easily make sense of the bottom one?

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