painting and photographic works

Seeing Things Differently

I want to share some recent photo experiments. I have been exploring the effects that can be achieved using the Capture NX2 software (and I assume similar to other image processing software). I use Capture NX2 because it works with the Nikon RAW format. There are a number of controls in this software and I have previously used it primarily for straightening and cropping images as well as adjusting the exposure, contrast and color balance. Through these software manipulations I see images in very different ways from what I originally saw and was inspired by. It is like exploring strange and new worlds.

Abstract 110318-192

What I have done this week is play around more with an input- output curve that can be adjusted simply by clicking on the curve and pulling a point up or down. The curve in the relationship between the value of the original image and the value of  final image. What would normally be a straight diagonal line from bottom left to top right can be twisted around to an s-curve with an inverse slope. This effectively turns the brightest pats of the original image into the darkest portion in the final image. The colors also can get  changed in the process resulting in some interesting effects

Night Magic

(Prints and cards of the Night Magic image are available for purchase on RedBubble)

Stained Glass Sidewalk Ice


Blue Marbling

As you can see there are some very interesting effects possible. I like this exploration both for creating photos and for giving me ideas for paintings


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