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Would I Fool You?

Could I fool you even if I tried? It is April 1st as I write this, the traditional day of trickery and practical jokes. I have to share with you today 5 photos from yesterday. All of these  were taken and processed with an iPhone 3GS. I am back to iPhone photography for two reasons: 1. my Nikon D80 failed on me a couple of days ago and is going to need to go in for repairs and 2. it has finally warmed up enough in Edmonton to allow me to wander around outside with bare hands, which are necessary to operate the iPhone touch screen. I do also really like the creative possibilities of the iPhone apps.

I like that photos often are not what they first appear. I like that whole element of discovery with a good photo – the longer you look the more you see and the more you see the more possibilities that open up in the mind.

Unknown Peak and Glacier

Ice Crystals

Ice and Leaves

Air Under Ice

Snow Urchin

So anything thereto fool anybody? Probably not, only a couple of cases of titles to lead the viewer in a “false” direction. The first image is not a lovely mountain scene but a  pile of dirty roadside snow after a bit of spring melting. The last photo is not of something called a snow urchin but just a clump of burrs from a burdock plant.



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