painting and photographic works

Ice in the Morning (Undersea Dreams)

At this time of year (early spring in Edmonton) there is a daily thaw-freeze cycle – by noon snow and ice are melting, running and sometimes collecting in puddles. With the below freezing temperatures overnight, that water refreezes so that  in the morning there are some delightful patterns to be found in the thin layers of new ice. This photo set is all about the ice.

Abstract 110405-2752 (Ice Shards)

Abstract 110405-2769

Abstract 110405-2767

That previous photo reminds me of oceanside waves and I am amazed at how many others of these photos somehow remind of something I’d expect to see underwater.

Abstract 110405-2756

Does this last image look familiar? It is the color version of the first photo in this set.

All of these photos were taken and processed using an iPhone 3GS. PhotoShop Mobile and CameraBag were the two main apps I used for manipulating the images.

Do you have any favorites from these images? Is so, please leave a comment to let me know.

More of my photos can be seen on my Flickr Photostream.


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