painting and photographic works

Exploring Tiny Planet

I’ve been seeing some neat abstract photos recently but was unsure at first how they were being created. I discovered an iPhone app called Tiny Planets is the tool. Today I have been exploring the creative possibilities of that app and here are some of my results (along with the original photo):

Spiral Stairs

In addition to the Tiny Planets app I also used Photo Shop Mobile to enhance (or remove) color and contrast and for cropping before or after transformation

Abstract 110407-b

The results can be quite unpredictable. Here is what a tire track in the mud can turn into:

In this following example, I used the fish eye view on the CameraBag app in order to accentuate the circular form of the Tiny Planet transformation.

Finally I took a simple photo of a sidewalk, curb and snow.

With a little color saturation enhancement I achieved this result:

Just Follow This Sidewalk



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