painting and photographic works

Lumix Experiments

This week I have been continuing to explore my new camera, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7. Like most point and shoot cameras today, it has  an amazing offering of automated, intelligent picture-taking options. However one of the key features that attracted me to this model was the potential for manual control  (and good macro capability).

Abstract 110505-452

I used the camera for capturing the initial images  and then Capture NX2 software for playing around with the color (contrast, cropping etc.). This next image was, I believe, generated from some natural discoloration on a light pole

Abstract 110505-445

A common theme in this experiment and set of photos was deliberate blur of the images. I slowed down the shutter speed , so that I could move the camera during the exposure to create a directional blur.

Abstract 110505-460

This last photo was primarily about the color play but started from a landscape image where I moved the camera in a vertical direction during the relatively long exposure

Abstract 110505-461

I was pleased by this set of photographic experiments but feel I still have a ways to go until I can use this little camera to it’s full creative possibility. There are some definite limitations with this camera compared to a DSLR but for something I can carry with me most of the time, I will find it very useful.


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