painting and photographic works

Heather Horton – Painter and Explorer

I would like to draw your attention to one of my favorite contemporary Canadian painters. Her name is Heather Horton and she paints compelling (and mainly) figurative works, in a realistic and emotional style . Her rendering of  faces and fabrics is truly breathtaking.

Not only do I admire her painting talent but I am also envious of how she lives life,  her travels and adventures. As she describes it:

“I have traveled a lot over the past two years. A LOT. I believe travel is the best education certainly, yet there is a time and place for it. As a painter, I need a quiet studio, without frenetic energy, in which to create.”

That quiet studio is at her home base in Burlington, Ontario. She is not exaggerating about a lot of travel – just from what I can recall, in the last year she has traveled to Turkey, southern France and Paris, a few points across the central U.S., New Orleans, Alaska, and the Yukon (and I’ve probably missed a few).

On top of all this travel in the last year, Heather has been very involved  in a major project on the life and travels of Christopher McCandless. – a fascinating and tragic story that you can find out about in the Wikipedia synopsis of Into the Wild, the Sean Penn-directed film from 2007.  This project involves a series of paintings that Horton has produced. Paintings from the McCandless project will be exhibited June 3-18 (2011) at the Abbozzo gallery in Oakville.

A great talent with great  and inspiring energy.  If you are not following her already please do by visiting her website, subscribing to her blog , liking her on Facebook or following her on Twitter @Heather_Horton. On Twitter, she often shares inspiring  photos from here travels or some of the great quotes that she has collected. Here is one inspiring recent example:

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”~Mary Oliver

Original works by Horton are available from the Abbozzo gallery and prints of a number of her works are available on-line from DeviantArt. ( from where I purchased a small framed print of  one of my favorite Horton paintings: “The Red Toque” )


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