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Painterly Photos

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For nearly two months my DSLR camera (a Nikon D80) was out of commission  being repaired. When I got it back I went kind of crazy. I walked around Edmonton’s river valley for a couple of hours in the evening and early night and snapped 300 photos! Not all of them are keepers by any means but I was pleased by the number that gave me something interesting to work with.

Abstract 110524-96

A big part of this photoshoot was experimenting  with light painting with the camera. I had tried this back in the darkness of the winter but this was this first conscious effort to try it without the light source being lights. To create these I set the camera to a slow shutter speed (experimenting with a variety just under one second) and deliberately moving the camera in a direction complementing the subject matter.  I love the painterly effect the motion, the blurring has given to the photos.

Abstract 110524-41

Abstract 110524-51

On some like the previous image I played around with the colors and values until the original subject matter is no longer guessable.

Abstract 110524-52

Abstract 1105240-91

Abstract 110524-36

Abstract 110524-49


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