painting and photographic works

Landscape Photos Abstracted

While at Red Deer College in the Series “Color in the Landscape”  painting course, I always had a camera with me to capture reference photos for the  landscapes I would be painting (in a mostly representational manner). However, I could not avoid also capturing interesting photos purely for their abstract appeal. I particularly like to put the camera in motion to capture some atmospheric images. I find that the initial image is only half way to the finished abstract image. the post-processing  on the computer is equally important for me to realize a satisfying final work. I typically use Capture NX2 to adjust contrast, saturation and to crop the image.

Abstract 238-032

Occasionally I will use a digital “filter” from Color Efex Pro to coax out a unique effect.

Abstract 238-034

A full moon, slow exposure and panning the camera provided the basis for this Rothkoesque image:

Abstract 238-057

In this next image I applied an infrared treatment with Color Efex to get the strong yellow/pink color scheme to an image which I already had achieved the motion blur by a horizonatal sweep of the camera during exposure:

Abstract 238-031

Hillside is one of my favorites of this group and is at the top of my list to turn into a painting. The colors, composition and motion all appeal to me in this image:

Abstract 238-067 (Hillside)


One response

  1. tms

    Very interesting work, not only these photographs here. I agree with you on the “hillside”, but I also much enjoy “Abstract 238-034”. It looks like wild Jazz to me (if I may say so) – very alive and very expressive!

    2011/07/23 at 3:06 am

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