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A Series Experience – Color in the Landscape (part 3)

Wednesday 2011 July 13, the third day of Red Deer College Series course “Colour in the Landscape”, with Dave More.

Our painting location for today was about a 20 minute drive northeast of Red Deer at the Ellis Bird Farm [map]

Bluebird Crossing

This location had a great variety of subject matter to paints from farm fields to reflective ponds, landscape gardens to forest, and interesting plants and animals. There was even an industrial plant visible across the highway. I again started my day with wandering around with my camera – all of the varied subject matter was great for photography too.

A motion-abstracted photo of a landscape from the Ellis Bird Farm

Some (of the hundreds) of the Birdhouses on a Fence

Reflections in a Natural Pond at Ellis Bird Farm

Landscaped Pond at the Ellis Bird Farm

A fellow student painting on-site at the Ellis Bird Farm

A Path in the Woods (at Ellis Bird Farm)

One of the expected highlights of the day for the class was to paint the bright yellow canola fields that are seen everywhere in central Alberta in July. Alas there were not  many to be seen right from the Ellis Bird Farm location. There were however glimpses of canola fields in the distance (and we would get closer the next day):

Fence and Fields

Although this fabulous location had many great subjects for painting, it turned out that I didn’t even do a sketch on this day. I took a lot of photos and later, back in the studio I would produce this acrylic painting based on one scene:

My painting of tracks through the field near Ellis Bird Farm

I ended up working back at Red Deer College in the studio until about 10 that evening. That studio availability is one of the things I love about the Series courses!

To see more photos from this day and others on the Series course please visit my Flickr page.


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