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5 Favorite Photos From the Last Week of July

If you follow me on Flickr you may have already seen some of these photos but here are  some favorites from the last week ( 1 from each day that I took photos).

This first one is a photo of a sunflower growing next to a garage and fence in a back alley in my neighborhood. I was struck by the bright yellow of the sun flower and also the background color. I used a slow shutter speed and camera movement to  blur the image and emphasize the color over the details.

Abstract 245-566

Again in this next one, color is the thing and motion blurring is the technique:

Abstract 246-058

Soft Evening Sky I was taken with a telephoto lens looking at the distant edge of the river valley in Edmonton, as the last rays of evening sun kissed the tree tops and provided a red glow.

Soft Evening Sky I

This next photo was purely an experiment in atmosphere. There was no subject, to speak of. I manually focussed as near as I could, just to capture the atmosphere generated by the background plants, a meter or two away, with their blue/green shades:

Abstract 248-131

Finally another motion-abstracted image – this of the Capilano Bridge in Edmonton. I used a telephoto lens and a shutter speed of probably 1/5 second. I panned the camera parallel to the bridge to keep the white and red edges on the bridge sharp and intense.

Capilano Bridge

I have received the comment that these photos look like paintings – I agree. Lately many of my photos that I like best have that quality. It is my intent to actually use these photos as reference or inspiration for paintings, but I am happy with the images as they are as photos. What do you think?


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