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2nd Twitter Art Exhibit

Today, 2012 April 12 is the opening of the 2nd Twitter Art Exhibit for charity in Moss Norway. this event, organized by painter David Sandum will run for the next couple of months in the Library in Moss (about 100 Km south of Oslo). The works, all post card size paintings and coming from around the world, will be sold off to raise funds for the local Women’s Crisis Centre. Over 300 paintings, from more than 30 countries were sent to David for this event. Like the first event in November 2010, the artists participating are known to David ( @DavidSandumArt ) through Twitter.

This is the work that I donated to the event:

"Bend in the North Saskatchewan River", watercolor on paper, 10 x 15 cm

This work was a bit unusual for me in a couple of ways. Firstly, the size is considerably smaller than I normally work and second it was not done with the media that I typically use.  It is primarily a watercolor painting but also employing a bit of ink and gouache. I used watercolor sticks, for the most part applying the color with a small brush. The painting is based on a photo that I had taken in January of the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton, not far from where I live.

photo that inspired the painting

I liked the basic composition of this work and had also done this version in oil pastel:

Oil pastel study for "Bend in the North Saskatchewan River"

I you would like to know more about the 2nd Twitter Art Exhibit, see photos and an upcoming video of it,  be sure to follow David Sandum’s blog.



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