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Workshop’s End – Day 5

Ganges Harbour on a Sunny Morning

The fifth and final day of the 2012 Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) plein air workshop on Salt Spring Island was on Sunday September 16th. The format of the day was different but that was okay. Instead of heading of as one of four groups to a different location on the island and being instructed by one of the experts, this day we hung around Ganges and painted.

Painting from the Dockside Gazebo

Well it wasn’t quite that simple. We started of with a group critique, an opportunity to get back with the instructor whom we started with on Day 1. The group was able to take a look at what they had accomplished over the week and to get some useful feedback.

After that it was time to get down to painting. With some one hundred workshop attendees there were lots of plein air painters to be seen around Ganges and particularly along the waterfront.

For my first painting of the day I chose a water scene and worked quickly to capture the impression on it. I found the instruction of Stephen Quiller (who our group had studied with the previous day) to be most on my mind. As a result, I was experimenting with thin acrylic washes to start with, building up values and rich colors. The final strokes were to apply thicker, more opaque acrylic.

My painting of the Ganges Harbor

After this water scene, I wanted to paint a forest scene, so I packed up my gear and walked  to Mouat Park on the edge of Ganges. Although  very dry at this time of year, this are was still lush and green, dark and refreshing.

Mouat Park, Salt Spring Island

My Idyllic setting in Mouat Park



I finished one plein air sketch there in the park and did a couple of thumbnails sketches for another one.

I also wanted to consider another water or town scene so I hiked back through Ganges looking for an inspiring scene. For some reason I didn’t find anything that caught my fancy so in the end I  was back near Art Spring.

Setting for my final painting

I set up my pochade box on a big stone table and proceeded to work from my thumbnail sketch. I was in a bit of a hurry as I worked here. At 3 o’clcok we were to begin set up for the “Wet Paint show and sale” at Art Spring. The widely publicized even ran from 4 until 6 giving those so inclined and opportunity to sell works which they had completed during the week.  I chose not to  put any of my works up for sale but I did set some pieces to show along with some of my business cards.

The Wet Paint Sale”

Another unique aspect to this final workshop day was an opportunity for a one-on-one critique with the legendary Robert Genn. I did not take advantage of this but many people did and if there is a next time, I will.

The final event of the week was an evening banquet at the Harbor House Hotel. This was a very nice event with just a little bit of formal talking, lots of opportunity to chat with fellow workshop participants and an exceptional meal.

The week went by very quickly but it was good and I will certainly consider doing it again. Next year’s equivalent event will be held in September at Whistler, BC.

[see my workshop overview blog post]


4 responses

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  2. Hi Randall – I read all of your postings on the Salt Spring workshop and, as one of the organizing committee, I was pleased to see your take on the whole week and the photos that you included. Our committee had a debriefing meeting last week and agreed that while there were a few things we could have done better the week was a success overall. We also spent a few hours on planning the workshop for Whistler next September using the same format as SS with a few exciting variations and the four instructors are very impressive. Watch the FCA web site for details as they firm up.

    2012/10/23 at 9:42 am

  3. It was a real treat for Salt Spring to have the course here. I enjoyed seeing all the Artist set up and working away. Will link this to my site ART Beat Radio Show .com site where I have interviews with some of the Artist who were around town painting. Glad you took the time to post about this course.

    2012/10/23 at 9:59 am

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