painting and photographic works

Heartbeat Abstractions

Sometimes creative success comes upon me by happenstance. Today I was on my way to the studio to do some painting and as it was a nice morning I decided to walk through the river valley and take my camera with me. As I was leaving I realized that I didn’t have a polarizing filter with me but I did have my neutral density filter so I changed plans and decided I’d focus on some long-exposure camera motion abstraction,since it had been awhile since I’d done any photography in that vein.

As I reached the river valley I noticed runners, lots of runners, with numbers – there was a race going on. It was the Edmonton Heartbeat Run and that was very fortunate as it gave me lots of (moving) subjects and color to work in to my abstract photos. I snapped away, unsure of what I was really capturing but when I got home and processed the images I was quite pleased with what I had:







One response

  1. Great snaps by the way!

    2013/09/23 at 8:14 pm

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