painting and photographic works

A Kick in Your Creative Pants

Do you ever find yourself wanting to ( perhaps even needing to) do something different with your painting – but are feeling blocked, just unable to get started? One solution may be as near as your smartphone.
Specifically I am suggesting that you use some common photo apps with built-in transformative filters. Take a standard image and then apply a filter or six to see what happens. I’m not suggesting just painting the transformed photo but you might start off that way and once you creative juices are flowing, use that first painting as a jumping off point for a second.
These are some variations I came up with using the Cameraringo app on my Android device:






To me each of these variations suggests a different  approach/media/color palette that I could use, and once applied to one image I’d likely carry the idea across to a little series.

Incidentally, here is the original image that spawned the five variations shown above:



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