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Just a Couple of Seconds

The title of this post is “A Couple of Seconds”, as in two-second exposures. For all of the images that follow, I kept the shutter open for a full  two seconds. I had recently been experimenting with “long” exposure of 1/4 to 1/2 of a second, during which I panned the camera. I was growing bored with that technique and once I acquired a variable neutral density filter for my wide angle lens I was able to slow down the exposure considerably more!

I was obviously not after nice, sharp images so these photos are also all handheld. Not only was I not worried about keeping the camera steady, I in fact moved the camera in a variety of ways during the exposure! One technique that I discovered worked quite well  was to walk during the exposure. I believe that is what I did for this photo:


Abstract Landscape 305-309

No digital filter were used on that last and the next image. All I did was increase the contrast, exposure and color saturation a bit.

Abstract Landscape 305-308

On this next one, I incorporate a twist of the zoom lens during the exposure:

Abstract 305-316

This next one was a horizontal pan of the camera. With a 2-second exposure one must be careful not to move the camera to fast!

Beside the River (305-353)

This next one was produced by a rotational movement during the exposure

Abstract Landscape 305-372

Next a skyline sunset with a diagonal camera movement (still with the 2-second exposure)

Abstract 305-386

A final experiment, where I took the long exposure photo and applied a color infrared film filter from Color Efex 2.0, to further abstract the image.

Abstract Landscape 305-376


Black and White in the Night

Earlier today I was thinking to myself that even though I’ve lugging a camera around with me in the dark late afternoon/early evenings,  I am just not finding, not creating anything interesting . Well I may have had a bit of a breakthrough this night  (well actually just after 6PM). I like what I captured, especially after converting to black and white:


The Bend in Alex Taylor Road

Two Street Lights

Rowland Road

Shadow on the Snow

Glow Across the Road

Down a Deserted Rowland Road

Night on 92nd Street

Night Light on the Alley

Arcs of Abstraction

These photos were taken with  a handheld Nikon D80 at 1600 ASA and processed with Nikon Capture NX2.