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Timeland – at the AGA

Yesterday I popped into the Art Gallery of Alberta for a short visit. I only had time to take in one of the half dozen or so ongoing exhibits, and the one I was there to see was Timeland (2010 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art).

Located on the top floor of the AGA, this exhibit is diverse, challenging and interesting. Although I had hoped to maybe see a bit of Alberta landscape in paintings, this was not what this show is about. It is contemporary – modern art – the stuff that will challenge and frustrate the traditionalists and delight, amuse and inspire thought in the open-minded. There is some painting, video, sculpture, installations – something for all contemporary tastes.

With 22 diverse artists represented in this exhibit, I will not attempt to talk about each but I will mention a few of my favorites.

Lyndal Osborne has a wonderful assemblage of shells and other natural objects in jars,  beakers and flasks. Rubber tubes connecting the containers evoke the feeling of a scientific laboratory workbench.

There was some painting to satisfy me in this exhibit. I liked the works of Paul Bernhardt – some large colorful abstract inspired by non traditional landscape subjects (parking garages, industrial settings).

The next to last piece, as you work through the exhibit, might have been my favorite. Rita McKeough, installation piece is  intended to bring thought to explosive urban development that is swallowing the grasslands of the prairie. It was effective, I felt moved as I walked through this space populated with many, many models of structures and construction cranes.

That leaves another 19 artists/works that I have not mentioned. To learn more, I recommend checking out the  AGA’s Timeland web page or better yet, see these works in person. This exhibit, curated by Richard Rhodes, is on until August 28 2010 (only another week as I write this). If you are in Edmonton I suggest this show (and the AGA in general) is worth a visit .