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Silver Winter Nights

We’ve had a couple of days of warmer weather recently (I’m talking about the minus single digits Celsius) so I was able to do some outdoor iPhoneography. I have been doing photography with my Nikon in recent weeks since I can operate it with gloves on my hands but I’ve kind of missed working with the iPhone. The challenge of course is that the iPhone screen (on which the “virtual shutter button” lies) can only be operated with an ungloved finger. I can’t leave my hand exposed for too long but at these temperatures I can pop it in and out of the pocket of my parka just long enough to get a photo.

I’ve been exploring a new (to me) app: CameraBag. It features a number of treatments of photos which reminds me somewhat of  what I can do with the Hipstamatic app. The big plus  with CameraBag is that treatment can be applied to an image stored in the library and one can easily flip through the  different filters after the fact.

One CameraBag treatment I’ve grown to like, particularly for winter nighttime photos is the “Silver” option.  This option does offer a number of color tints but I like the blue for these winter shots. Here are three photos from last night (2010 Dec 14), in downtown Edmonton, in a moderately heavy snow, using CameraBag Silver:

Winter Fence and Shadow

Snowy Street

Tree - Trunk

I did adjust the contrast and brightness a bit on this last photo using PSMobile after taking it with CameraBag