painting and photographic works

About Randall Talbot, Painter and Photographer

I am Randall Talbot – a painter and photographer.

I enjoy depicting a variety of subject matter but it is the Canadian landscape in its many forms, that resonates most deeply with me. I work in a variety of media, including acrylic and oil paints. pastels, photography and sculpture.

In terms of style, My paintings tend towards impressionistic, expressionistic, and abstract representations, generally with bold use of colors. I also drawn to  pure non-representational painting that may express an emotion or feeling or may just be joyful explorations of color and texture.

My earliest influences were the painting of the Impressionists and Post-impressionists and especially the work of Van Gogh. Other painters of that movement and era whom I greatly admire are Monet, Cezanne and Bonnard.

Next to influence me and easily the most dominant ongoing influence  are the Canadian painters of the early 20th century – primarily Emily Carr and Tom Thomson. I also admire the entire Group of Seven, with A. Y. Jackson and Lawren Harris being the two of the “Group” whom I most connect with.

As I continue on this artistic journey I find my self being drawn to abstract expressionism and to simpler, more abstract representations of the landscape.  I also continue to admire figurative painting and will not be surprised to see my work take a turn in that direction in comings years.

To see more of my work visit my webpage:

Also follow me on Twitter (@RandallTT), on Facebook (Randall Talbot), on Flickr (RandallTT) and purchase images of my works on RedBubble (RTTalbot)


One response

  1. Hello Randall,
    what a surprise it was to get your blog and I’m very grateful for it. I helped with the FCA ones on GAbriola for those times so relished your info of Quiller and Salmineon..sp.
    Thank You.. feed back the white writing on the black background is very difficult to read but you take amazing photos. You made me think twice about considering the workshop in Whistler…bye for now Judith Madsen. Please don’ put me on a regular blog list but again I sure apprecaited getting this one…thanks JM.

    2012/10/23 at 6:41 pm

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