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Spring Revisited (Part 2)

In Part 1, I shared 5 abstract photo images, taken in the Edmonton river valley on a beautiful spring day in May of 2013. Here area few more images conveying the color and lines of spring:


Maximum Green

D80-2204 edit

Scratchy Lines

D80-2206 edit

Horizontal Bands of Spring


Wet Golden


White Trunks Against Spring Green

Spring Revisited (Part 1)

In the depths of a dull November day I reached back in my photos archives for some memories of spring to brighten my mood.

I found some photos from May 20th of 2013 that captured the light, mood and color of spring. After tweaking these camera-motion abstract photos a bit, these are the images that I came up with:

D80-2211 edit

Spring Colors (May 2013)


River Frolic


Into the Woods


Pack Play


Spring Greens

Watch for more abstract photo images from this day in Spring Revisited (Part 2).

River’s Edge

A look at the shapes and tones at the edge of the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton (in early April 2016). A few weeks earlier the river was covered in ice but now the river is clear with just a few big chunks of ice sit washed up on the shore. The ice decaying but reveals a captivating crystalline structure:






Paths – in Black and White

Here is a collection of photographs of paths, taken in Edmonton’s river valley and Mill Creek Ravine on 2016 April 9.


Path to the City


Pleasant Path


Light at the End of the Path


A Rooty Path


Bends Through the Spring Woods

Spring Arrives – in Black and White

Perhaps I should say “winter departs” – somehow spring doesn’t feel imminent until color returns to the landscape. While there was the bit of exposed green moss or grass and blue sky as I hiked Edmonton’s river valley, for the most part everything is a shade of grey or brown.

That said, here are 5 photos that “don’t need no stinking color” to look interesting:




Ravine Path – Shady and Slippery


Slope and Sky


Nothing but Sticks


Spring Sky over a Late-winter Valley

These images were taken in Edmonton’s Dawson Park on 2016 March 25th.

Trees of Late-Winter

Here is a little collection of photos of trees, taken on the last day of winter (2016 March 19) in Edmonton.


Greenless Golden Path


Tangle to the Sky


Under the Spruce, Between the Fairways


Character Tree


Gnarled Trunk and Twiggy Shadows


Way Up



Moodier in Black and White

Here are some photos taken on the same outing as my hike last Sunday in Edmonton’s  Mill Creek Ravine – but taking out the color the images have a much moodier feel.


Spring Slope


Stairs and a Patch of Snow


Trunk on a Diagonal


All Quiet Under the Bridge


Tangled Slope


and as a bonus, a black and white image from beside the river in Edmonton’s Louise McKinney Park:


Promenade Beside the Ice

Spring Reflections

Technically it is late-winter, not quite spring yet, but the melting has begun, puddles formed and reflections are making for some interesting images:




Puddle and Path


Storyland Sky

Late Winter – Black and White

Here is a little collection of black and white photos themed around the patterns and textures of late winter (late February at my home here in Edmonton).


“Last Year’s Plume”


“Irregular Patchwork”




“Ice and the Far Edge”


“Temporary Condition”

A few more photos from this photo shoot may be seen on another of my blogs: YEGmonton.

Spring Sneaks In (Part 2)

Here are some more photos from Edmonton’s river valley on the first weekend of April, showing the transition to spring.

For the eyes starved of color over the months of winter, the faint golden glow of the uncovered grasses and the rosy haze of the Dogwood twigs in the distance, is a feast for the eyes.

Snowy Path

Snowy Path

Rosy Haze

Rosy Haze

Path to the Blue Forest

Path to the Blue Forest

Subtle Color

Subtle Color

Melting Path

Melting Path

Spring Sneaks In (Part 1)

As April arrives in this part of the world (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada), spring continues its advance. Although it will be a good month longer until the bare trees will burst into leaf, the snow (even that which fell in the last week) is mostly melted and there is something in the air that warms the soul and brings a smile to my face.

Today while out walking in Edmonton’s river valley I caught these images, these hints of life to come:

Shrubs and Sticks

Shrubs and Sticks

Path to Spring

Path to Spring

Tracks in the Mud

Tracks in the Mud

Slow Spring

Slow Spring

Spring Sky

Spring Sky

Impressions of Early April

Early April in this part of the world (Edmonton, Canada) is a time of transition, Usually most of the winter’s snow has melted (except for some shaded areas in ravines). However it is not unusual for moisture in combination with cooler days to result in new snow falling. Here are some of my abstract photos from this period, that for me capture the feeling of this transitional season without getting caught up in the details.

Abstract 412-209

Camera motion during the exposure distilled the image to it’s color essence although the captured color was subtler than shown here.

Dance of the Evergreens

At this time of year, the deciduous trees are still a month away from leafing-out. Most of the green in the landscape comes from the spruce and pine trees.

Rivers and creeks have melted significantly to provide magical reflections.

Spring Reflection


Puddles from the melted snow come and go, sometimes providing reflective surfaces and sometimes just capturing impressions of foot/paw prints.

Abstract Landscape 412-189

The light of spring can be bright and the colors subtle, but the promises for the future are big.

Spirit of Spring Landscapes (Part 2)

Here are some more abstract landscape photos depicting the spirit of early spring – as the snow bids a hasty retreat at the end of March (in Edmonton).

Abstract Landscape 403-027

Abstract Landscape 403-074

Abstract Landscape 403-041

Abstract Landscape 403-052

Abstract Landscape 403-027

See my earlier blog post for additional photos in this series.

Spirit of Spring Landscapes

As the snow quickly receded from the spring landscape this week, I strove to capture the essence of the season in photographs.

Dark Forest


Abstract Landscape 403-044


Spring Thaw


Before the Greening


White Woods

These photos were captured March 27th 2012 in Buena Vista Park in Edmonton using a neutral density filter, a 2-second exposure and various intentional camera motion during the exposure. These images are part of my collection of reference photos for an abstract painting series.