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Riverdale (a painting Series)

In the early 1990’s I did a series of paintings of the Riverdale community, in Edmonton’s river valley.


“Tree Frog Press”, acrylic on hardboard, 30 by 41 cm, 1991


“Bird Bath”, acrylic on canvas, 61 by 51 cm, 1992

One of the most distinguishing features of the community at the time was the large, undeveloped tract of land that belonged to the historic Little Brick factory,  By the end of the decade those fields would be redeveloped to look like suburbia, but at the time it lent a rural charm to this area, just a kilometer from downtown.


“Old Brickyard Field”, acrylic on canvas, 51 by 61 cm, 1992


“Old Brickyard Road” acrylic on canvas, 51 by 61 cm, 1992


“The Little Brick House”, acrylic on hardboard, 28 by 36 cm, 1991


“The Rink Shack”, acrylic on canvas, 51 by 61 cm, 1992


“Sun on 92nd Street”, acrylic on hardboard, 36 by 38 cm, c. 1992

A decade and half later I would revisit this series with a few more paintings of the community:


“Summer Morning on 91st Street”, oil on hardboard, 51 by 61 cm, 2008


“Riverdale Garage (winter sunlight)”, oil on canvas, 41 by 51 cm, 2008


YYC – A Morning in Black and White

I was in Calgary (Alberta, Canada) on 2015 September 12 for a meeting of the Provincial Council of the Alberta Society of Artists. I had an opportunity to spend some time walking and photographing in the downtown core that morning. This group of photos I present in black and white which suits their emphasis on form.

C-Train Line

C-Train Line/Station in Downtown

Tunnel Entrance

Going Underground

More Towers Rising

More Steel Rising

Soft Shadows

Soft Shadows

Easy, Like Sunday Morning (but it was Saturday)

Easy, Like Sunday Morning (but it was Saturday)

Looking at the Sky

A few photos from the last week or so, which  focus on (or at least look at)  the summer sky.

Sky Abstract 110807-072

Afternoon Clouds

Evening Sky Abstraction 122

August Afternoon Clouds 257-222

Lovett Sky

Summer Clouds 253-060

Like a few of the photos in this set theis last one was taken while I was sitting on Gallagher Hill across from downtown Edmonton taking in the 2011 Fol Music Festival

Edmonton Skyline and Sunset

Color and Movement

Here are a number of abstracted photos taken on a cool July evening after a rainy, windy day. As I have been experimenting with recently , the technique is one of using a slow shutter speed (1/4 to 1/10 sec)  and moving the camera during the exposure.

Post-rain Evening

Abstract 110708-519

Abstract 110708-529

Evening Landscape

Abstract 110708-536

I like the way motion can be used to blur the image, to obscure details that can distract from the strength of the color and patterns at the core of the image.