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Night Train (a Series)

This painting series was a bit unique for me. It had a common theme in terms of the subject matter – all of the images were drawn from what I saw (and captured with photos) during the night while on a train between Edmonton and Vancouver in November of 2007. What was unique for me was the use of oil pastel on a number of the works, and oil paint on a couple of larger ones.


“Rolling Through the Night”, oil on canvas, 41 by 51 cm, Nov 2008


“November Rockies Dusk”, oil pastel on paper, 23 x 30 cm, 2009


“Passing in the Night”, oil pastel on paper, 23 x 30 cm, 2008


“Night Siding”, oil pastel on paper, 23 x 30 cm, 2009


“Dawn Arrival”, oil pastel on paper, 23 x 30 cm, 2009


“Supporting the Dawn”, oil pastel on paper, 30 x 23 cm, 2008


“Morning Train into Vancouver “, oil on hardboard, 61 x 71 cm, 2008

Moving This Way and That

I have often used camera motion during a long exposure to create an abstract photo. I recently took some of these photos one evening in downtown Edmonton and discovered after the fact that I have used a good variety of camera motions for different effects.


Dance in the Distance



Cycles of Light



Towers of Dripping Light



Side Step




December Magic (part 2)

More magical long exposure photos from the dark days of December:

Blue Path Purple Sky

Blue Path Purple Sky

Path on the Edge

Path on the Edge

Lights into the Bend

Lights into the Bend

Bus Shelter

Bus Shelter

Blue Mirage

Into the Winter Night

See December Magic (part 1) for more similar images.

Saturation in the Night

Here in the first week of December, there doesn’t seem to be much color in the landscape but not much doesn’t mean none. Here are a series of images created today – mostly four second hand-held exposures with kicked up color saturation and contrast in the post-processing.

Abstract 342-005

Blue Moon 2

Abstract 342-008

Abstract 342-039

Abstract 342-019

Friday Night Frights

Something a little different today. I have continued with my experiment from yesterday – of using a very slow (1 second) shutter speed and “painting” with light.

What I found on my camera  tonight were a number of images that  I find a little bit disturbing – unsettling is perhaps a better word. Some  are colorful, playful and interesting but somehow they seem like something out of a bad dream – Welcome to my nightmare…

Twilight Cascade

Take the Bridge

The Tangle in the Night

Light Storm

Bad Dream

How do these images make you feel? What quality (or lack thereof) do you think accounts for the feeling?


7 Favorite Photos

Here are seven of my favorite photos taken in the last week – the end of January into the first few days of February. Over these days the weather in Edmonton has changed from wind chills below -30C to mild sunny days with temperatures of +5. On the cold days I had no choice but to take photos with my Nikon DSLR but on the warm days I was able to break out (and most importantly operate it with my bare hands) my iPhone.

Cold and Busy

China Gate Lion

Blue Shakes

Golden Horizon


Puddles in the Alley

Light Arc

Color in a Cold Dark City

Consider this part two of my presentation of photos taken on the cold snowy night of January 14th in downtown Edmonton. In a previous post I shared 7 black and white photos from that evening. In this post we look at color photos, although admittedly in some images the colors are pretty subtle.

Trees, Signs and Lights in a Snowstorm

Some Kind of Snow Monster?


Snow Booth


Lights at the Corner

Lonely Bike Rack

Jasper Avenue Southside

Snow on the Wires, Snow on the Windows

Lamp and Snow Mounds

Snow Load

Silver Winter Nights

We’ve had a couple of days of warmer weather recently (I’m talking about the minus single digits Celsius) so I was able to do some outdoor iPhoneography. I have been doing photography with my Nikon in recent weeks since I can operate it with gloves on my hands but I’ve kind of missed working with the iPhone. The challenge of course is that the iPhone screen (on which the “virtual shutter button” lies) can only be operated with an ungloved finger. I can’t leave my hand exposed for too long but at these temperatures I can pop it in and out of the pocket of my parka just long enough to get a photo.

I’ve been exploring a new (to me) app: CameraBag. It features a number of treatments of photos which reminds me somewhat of  what I can do with the Hipstamatic app. The big plus  with CameraBag is that treatment can be applied to an image stored in the library and one can easily flip through the  different filters after the fact.

One CameraBag treatment I’ve grown to like, particularly for winter nighttime photos is the “Silver” option.  This option does offer a number of color tints but I like the blue for these winter shots. Here are three photos from last night (2010 Dec 14), in downtown Edmonton, in a moderately heavy snow, using CameraBag Silver:

Winter Fence and Shadow

Snowy Street

Tree - Trunk

I did adjust the contrast and brightness a bit on this last photo using PSMobile after taking it with CameraBag

Garages at Night

Some more black and white night images – of a couple of  lovely old garages in my neighborhood.

An (almost) dark back alley

Winter Night and Lights

Here are three black and white photos from this evening:

Lights in the Valley

Walking Home on a Cold Winter Night

Rowland Road and Dawson Bridge

Black and White in the Night

Earlier today I was thinking to myself that even though I’ve lugging a camera around with me in the dark late afternoon/early evenings,  I am just not finding, not creating anything interesting . Well I may have had a bit of a breakthrough this night  (well actually just after 6PM). I like what I captured, especially after converting to black and white:


The Bend in Alex Taylor Road

Two Street Lights

Rowland Road

Shadow on the Snow

Glow Across the Road

Down a Deserted Rowland Road

Night on 92nd Street

Night Light on the Alley

Arcs of Abstraction

These photos were taken with  a handheld Nikon D80 at 1600 ASA and processed with Nikon Capture NX2.