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Urban Photography

Autumn Color

Here are some color photographs from early October 2016, featuring the colors of the season (or not particularly)!


Wrinkled Green Trunk


All Blues


Just a Crow


Like Fireworks


Between the Blues


Rainbow Shrubbery




Tree Shadow

Late Winter – Black and White

Here is a little collection of black and white photos themed around the patterns and textures of late winter (late February at my home here in Edmonton).


“Last Year’s Plume”


“Irregular Patchwork”




“Ice and the Far Edge”


“Temporary Condition”

A few more photos from this photo shoot may be seen on another of my blogs: YEGmonton.

Lines in Black and White

Take away the color and you are left with line and value.


Up Stairs 1


Art of the Curve


Hangin’ From the Moon


EPCOR Waterfall in Edmonton’s Churchill Square


Up Stairs 2

If You Look You Will See

Today was another one of those days when I just go for a walk in downtown Edmonton and see what I can see – what I can see in terms of interesting patterns.






Moving This Way and That

I have often used camera motion during a long exposure to create an abstract photo. I recently took some of these photos one evening in downtown Edmonton and discovered after the fact that I have used a good variety of camera motions for different effects.


Dance in the Distance



Cycles of Light



Towers of Dripping Light



Side Step




A Winter’s Night In Olds

I found myself spending a few days (and nights) in the small central Alberta town of Olds. One cold evening, there was a fog hanging about – not enough to obscure things near by, but enough to lend an eerie feeling to the sky. I took my camera out (with my fast 1.4 lens and a 1600 ISO setting) and walked about capturing images – handheld! This set are of some of the color  (admittedly rather subdued) images that I came up with.

White House Amongst Frosted Trees

White House Amongst Frosted Trees

Olds PetroCan

Olds Petro Can

Snow Pile by the Crossing

Snow Pile by the Crossing

Red Fire Hydrant

Red Fire Hydrant

Best Western (January Night)

Best Western (January Night)

Watch for a future post featuring some black and white images from that night.

Architectural Black and White

Here are five black and white renditions of photos I took yesterday of and around the Edmonton Convention Centre (Shaw Conference Centre). These images focus on form:



Concrete Cuboid

Hall D

Reflection in a Curved Wall


Abstract 110610-515

I was walking through an older part of downtown the other day when some interesting architectural details caught my eye. Combine those details, with different points of view for a photo and then different cropping twisting and processing after the shutter press, leads to some interesting images:

Abstract 110607-515(2)

This second image started from the same original photograph. This next one, is not the same photo but is from the same wall, at a different perspective:

Abstract 110610-514(2)

Across the street from this wall, I took this image:

Top of the Wall

This image was processed with the Color Efex infrared film filter through  Capture NX2.

Down an alley, and 30 meters away, I found another intriguing exterior wall that I just had to capture:

Old Brick Wall

And finally, another take on this highly textured brick wall:

Bricks and Mortar

Boats, Bridges and Bikes

A few of my favorite black and white photos from the last week:


Morning Sun

Rough Wall

Bridge Rail

A Bike and a Bridge

Ordinary Things – 5 photos

I have been between cameras lately and therefore haven’t had much to share. My Nikon DLSR failed and has been sent for repairs. I grew tired of the limits of my iPhone camera  (although really missing the creative possibilities of various apps). I have bought a small point and shoot camera – a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7. The last few days I have been learning how to use the new camera. Here are a few results, shot with the ZS7 and post-processed with Capture NX2.

Abstract 110427-a

Abstract 110427-c

Abstract 110427-d

Seven Blue Cans

Abstract 110427-b