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Spring Arrives – in Black and White

Perhaps I should say “winter departs” – somehow spring doesn’t feel imminent until color returns to the landscape. While there was the bit of exposed green moss or grass and blue sky as I hiked Edmonton’s river valley, for the most part everything is a shade of grey or brown.

That said, here are 5 photos that “don’t need no stinking color” to look interesting:




Ravine Path – Shady and Slippery


Slope and Sky


Nothing but Sticks


Spring Sky over a Late-winter Valley

These images were taken in Edmonton’s Dawson Park on 2016 March 25th.

Winter – Naturally Black and White

Of course there can be color in the winter landscape, you just might have to look a little harder for it. In this post though don’t strain yourself looking for color as I am featuring 5 black and white photos. Although there has not been a lot of snow in Edmonton in this winter of 2011/12 there has still been enough to keep the ground basically white. On the day I took these images the sun was out and the sky was deep blue – which with a color filter in the black and white conversion, yielded a deep dark sky on some images.

Packed Snow Field

Two and the Forest


Reach to the Sky

Frozen Bend in the River

Technical Notes: The photos in this group  were all taken in the early afternoon on January 7th, 2012, near Laurier Park in Edmonton. I used a Nikon D80 with a 18-55 lens and a polarizing filter. Post processing including conversion to black and white was done with the Capture NX2 software.

Looking at the Sky

A few photos from the last week or so, which  focus on (or at least look at)  the summer sky.

Sky Abstract 110807-072

Afternoon Clouds

Evening Sky Abstraction 122

August Afternoon Clouds 257-222

Lovett Sky

Summer Clouds 253-060

Like a few of the photos in this set theis last one was taken while I was sitting on Gallagher Hill across from downtown Edmonton taking in the 2011 Fol Music Festival

Edmonton Skyline and Sunset

Clouds of Late-Spring

This week in mid-June I’ve been looking up – to the fantastic display in the sky. Here in Edmonton we’ve been going through some typical late-spring, early-summer unsettled weather. With that weather we get rapidly changing sky conditions  with a variety of clouds and some dramatic lighting. Here is a bit of what I saw this week:

Clouds 617

Clouds 639

Clouds 616

Clouds 621

Aim for the Gap

Clouds 615