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Moodier in Black and White

Here are some photos taken on the same outing as my hike last Sunday in Edmonton’s  Mill Creek Ravine – but taking out the color the images have a much moodier feel.


Spring Slope


Stairs and a Patch of Snow


Trunk on a Diagonal


All Quiet Under the Bridge


Tangled Slope


and as a bonus, a black and white image from beside the river in Edmonton’s Louise McKinney Park:


Promenade Beside the Ice

Late Winter – Black and White

Here is a little collection of black and white photos themed around the patterns and textures of late winter (late February at my home here in Edmonton).


“Last Year’s Plume”


“Irregular Patchwork”




“Ice and the Far Edge”


“Temporary Condition”

A few more photos from this photo shoot may be seen on another of my blogs: YEGmonton.

Lines in Black and White

Take away the color and you are left with line and value.


Up Stairs 1


Art of the Curve


Hangin’ From the Moon


EPCOR Waterfall in Edmonton’s Churchill Square


Up Stairs 2

Simplified Geometry

Three recent (2015 October) photos – abstracts, in that what makes them interesting is the simplification of, the focus on, certain geometric forms.

Window on Blue

Window on Blue

"Where Leaves Go"

“Where Leaves Go”

On the Step

On the Step

Mystery in the Darkness – 5 Abstract Autumn Photos

As the days of autumn get shorter and more of my waking time is spent in dim light my photography has changed.  Perhaps not surprisingly but it s also getting darker – not just physically but also subject wise. I’m finding  my favorite images have a mysterious, dreamlike to them quality. One is not sure what one is looking at and that can lead to a feeling of cautiousness, apprehension.

Abstract 218-423

Abstract Landscape 319-519

Abstract 321-787

Stairs to Where?

Tunnel Entrance

So how have I created the dark, ominous feeling in these photos?  By keeping the edges soft the viewer is not able to focus in what is seeing and that gets the mind racing, bringing the viewers imagination into play. I frequently achieve those soft edges by using a long exposure (like 2 seconds) and I deliberately move the camera around. I will walk into the scene during the exposure and frequently also be shaking the camera as I do so. I also let the darks dominate in the image, sometimes with strategic highlights and increased contrasts and sometimes with an overall low contrast. Finally I find that black and white can really add to the mystery but as you can see I have also let a dark but saturated blue dominate in this last image, but still managed to convey that mystery that I was looking for.

What to you think makes these images work (in mysterious ways). Do you have any techniques or approaches for achieving similar moods?

Architectural Black and White

Here are five black and white renditions of photos I took yesterday of and around the Edmonton Convention Centre (Shaw Conference Centre). These images focus on form:



Concrete Cuboid

Hall D

Reflection in a Curved Wall

Photos in the Rain

You might think that rain and photography don’t mix – I did. First there is just the hassle of  trying to keep your camera dry or your lens unspectled. Today I decided I was going out with my camera (Nikon D80) and just tucked it under my rain jacket, pulling it out only for a quick shot. I also mad a point of keeping the lens pointed down when not in use to minimize the possibility of raindrops striking it.

Perhaps a bigger deterrent to taking the camera out is the fear that there will not be anything to take a picture of. The environment looks very devoid of  color – just grey and green everywhere. Also it is relatively dark so one is forced to resort to higher ISO and/or lower f-stops for handheld shots. Or….one couldchange their approach.

Today, that is what I did. I decided I would deliberately go with slow shutter speeds – like around 1/4 second! I wasn’t going to worry about holding the camera steady. In fact I was planning to deliberately move it during the exposure ( a technique I have been playing with recently). I thought this approach was quite successful. I captured a number of images that I was quite happy with. In fact, I think the camera motion added signifcantly to reinforcing the feeling of rain – the directionality and blurring.

Rainy Street

Stairs in the Rain

Forest in the Rain

Fence Posts in the Rain

Dawson Park in the Rain

Seen this Winter Week

Here are a few of my photographs from this week in the middle of December.  As has been the case with my recent photography, most of these photos were taken in the dim morning light or darkness of early evening. There was not a lot of color to be seen so I have rendered these images in black and white. A fair bit (15-20 cm) of snow fell this week in Edmonton so snow figures in most of these images.

This batch were all taken with my Nikon at 1600 ASA and were handheld

Between Road and Sidewalk

96th Street Building

On the Fence

Industrial Steam

Parabola (Black and White)

Snowed-in Morning Stairs

Rabbit on the Road