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Color and Texture of Tree Trunks in Winter

At first glance the winter landscape looks so desolate, monotonous and colorless. However, I find that once my eyes/mind get tuned into the trees, their trunks and bark, I see abundant subjects of interest. Here are photos of the great variety that caught my eye one day in early January in Edmonton.








Spring Sneaks In (Part 2)

Here are some more photos from Edmonton’s river valley on the first weekend of April, showing the transition to spring.

For the eyes starved of color over the months of winter, the faint golden glow of the uncovered grasses and the rosy haze of the Dogwood twigs in the distance, is a feast for the eyes.

Snowy Path

Snowy Path

Rosy Haze

Rosy Haze

Path to the Blue Forest

Path to the Blue Forest

Subtle Color

Subtle Color

Melting Path

Melting Path

Winter Barks (part 2)

Continuing on from Part 1, here are some more photos, featuring the wonders to be seen on the bark of trees (even in the middle of winter):


Cracked and Yellowed

A Touch of Orange

A Knot

Sun-bleached Bark


Winter Barks (part 1)

With the wrong mindset one could think that there is little to see or photograph in a winter landscape – snow covers just about everything, the trees are bare except the evergreens which seem to be so dark and have little “green”  However, when I slow down and look around, as I recently did while hiking the trails in Edmonton’s river valley, I see wonderful colors and patterns such as these, on the trunk of trees:


Birch Bark

Blue Lichen

A Touch of Yellow


Stripped of Bark

Watch for a continuation of my observations and photos in Part 2.

Trees and Snow – in black and white

Time: Mid-day, Tuesday January 4th

Weather: -1C and snowing moderately

Location: Edmonton’s river valley, trail on the south and east side of the river north of Dawson Bridge

River in Heavy Snow

Birch Bark and Snow

Snowy Trail

Heavy Texture

Silhouette Four

Snow Beaver Gnawing Stump

Tree Trunk