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Autumn, as Expected

My last two posts on this blog have featured abstract photos, and black and white photos, that I took in Edmonton’s river valley on September 17th, 2018. In this post I conclude sharing some more photos from that same photo session. These ones though are a bit more typical of most people’s expectation of colorful fall photos:






Colorless Autumn

The season known for its expressive color also has a beauty in a black and white expression. Here are photos taken in the river valley of Edmonton in early September 2018.





Edmonton’s Dawson Park, September 2018

Impressions of Autumn II

In my last post I shared five abstract photos emphasizing the colors of autumn. It turns out that I have more images from that photo shoot (in Edmonton’s river valley) that really appeal to me and I hope that you will like too:






Usually Colorific, but Not This Time

Autumn is famous as the season of glorious displays of color, but that doesn’t have to be all that intrigues a photographer at this time of year. Here are some black and white images of what has caught my eye this early October:


Strong Verticals

Especially on a wet fall day the strong contrast of tree trunks makes for a dramatic image.


Near and Far


Wet Corner


Reaching Upward

The autumn season is also when the river  is at its lowest level, exposing sandbar “beaches” not normally seen. And those beaches reveal some interesting forms, very suited to black and white (or mostly monochromatic) presentation:


Sandy Beach


Waves in the Sand


Under the Bridge


Verticals and Horizontals

The above photos were all taken October 1st and 2nd (2016), in the river valley in Edmonton, Canada.

Autumn Color

Here are some color photographs from early October 2016, featuring the colors of the season (or not particularly)!


Wrinkled Green Trunk


All Blues


Just a Crow


Like Fireworks


Between the Blues


Rainbow Shrubbery




Tree Shadow

Simplified Geometry

Three recent (2015 October) photos – abstracts, in that what makes them interesting is the simplification of, the focus on, certain geometric forms.

Window on Blue

Window on Blue

"Where Leaves Go"

“Where Leaves Go”

On the Step

On the Step

Leaf Beauty

Autumn is overwhelming – so many leaves, so much color!

I am often drawn to the broad sweeps of vivid color in the fall landscape but I also like to enjoy the natural artistry in the details. My camera encourages me to slow down and look at the beauty on a smaller scale – the beauty of each single leaf.

Veined Yellow Leaf

Veined Yellow Leaf

Green to Red (with yellow)

Red Veins into Green (with yellow)

Green Spots

Green Spots



On Black Earth

On Black Earth

Autumn Leaves (again)

Ah, the seductiveness of the colors of  autumn. Every year I am awed by nature’s spectacle.

“But not this year!”, I told myself as fall descended on my part of the world. It seemed every year I took pictures and I’m sure if I went back and actually looked at images from previous years I would find the same scenes and colors repeating themselves. The golden trees against the deep blue sky have become so cliche – it’s not just me, everyone is taking the same photos!

But you know what? I couldn’t resist. I’ve taken photos of those autumn leaves again and I will share them again. I will however try to share those images that are a little bit different.

...and a touch of teal

…and a touch of teal



A Carpet of Fallen

A Carpet of Fallen

Lone Leaf

Lone Leaf

Flying Carpet

Flying Carpet

On a Muddy Track

On a Muddy Track

Red on Green

Autumn Color

It is mid-September here in my part of the world and that means that autumn is arriving in a hurry. There is an exciting burst of color that will soon give way to 7 months of greyness. Fortunately images captured, can be images savored (and perhaps painted), during the long wait til spring.

Splash of Red and Green

Splash of Red and Green

Color Grain

Color Grain

Bending Gold

Bending Gold

O' Canada

O Canada

Orangey Shades

Orangey Shades

Mystery in the Darkness – 5 Abstract Autumn Photos

As the days of autumn get shorter and more of my waking time is spent in dim light my photography has changed.  Perhaps not surprisingly but it s also getting darker – not just physically but also subject wise. I’m finding  my favorite images have a mysterious, dreamlike to them quality. One is not sure what one is looking at and that can lead to a feeling of cautiousness, apprehension.

Abstract 218-423

Abstract Landscape 319-519

Abstract 321-787

Stairs to Where?

Tunnel Entrance

So how have I created the dark, ominous feeling in these photos?  By keeping the edges soft the viewer is not able to focus in what is seeing and that gets the mind racing, bringing the viewers imagination into play. I frequently achieve those soft edges by using a long exposure (like 2 seconds) and I deliberately move the camera around. I will walk into the scene during the exposure and frequently also be shaking the camera as I do so. I also let the darks dominate in the image, sometimes with strategic highlights and increased contrasts and sometimes with an overall low contrast. Finally I find that black and white can really add to the mystery but as you can see I have also let a dark but saturated blue dominate in this last image, but still managed to convey that mystery that I was looking for.

What to you think makes these images work (in mysterious ways). Do you have any techniques or approaches for achieving similar moods?