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End of September Photos

Here are a selection of my favorite photos taken on September 30, 2018 in Edmonton’s river valley.






Autumn, as Expected

My last two posts on this blog have featured abstract photos, and black and white photos, that I took in Edmonton’s river valley on September 17th, 2018. In this post I conclude sharing some more photos from that same photo session. These ones though are a bit more typical of most people’s expectation of colorful fall photos:





In a January Fog

While not unheard of, foggy days in Edmonton are also not very common. This last weekend in Edmonton was however one of those times – a fog  just heavy enough to hide the far side of the river valley and flatten out depth. The high humidly and sub-zero temperature resulted in a delightful, frosty coating on the trees.

Combining the fog, frost and late afternoon/early-evening light lead to these moody,  black and white images:


Frosty Thorns


Poles in a Frosty Landscape


The Five


Three, with Frosty Wires


Rowland Bend

Trees of Late-Winter

Here is a little collection of photos of trees, taken on the last day of winter (2016 March 19) in Edmonton.


Greenless Golden Path


Tangle to the Sky


Under the Spruce, Between the Fairways


Character Tree


Gnarled Trunk and Twiggy Shadows


Way Up



In the Cold Dark City

Here are some black and white photos from a cold, snowy January evening in downtown Edmonton. The evening was cold but I wasn’t. Bundled up as I was and moving about, I actually felt warmer out on the street taking photos than I often do sitting around inside the house. Being something like -30C with the wind chill, there weren’t many people on the street and certainly no one else with a camera, so I think I saw things that others will not have seen, and I got some good shots that I would like to share:

Northside of Jasper Avenue (East of 97 St.)


Empty Sidewalk, Deserted Benches

Wall Advertising from Another Era on a Historic Building

Cleared Path Through the Snow Drifts

Steamy Skyline

Top of the Riverbank Path

These photos were all taken within about a 2 block stretch east from Jasper Avenue and 97th Street in downtown Edmonton. These were the images that I think look best in black and white but I also have a number  that I will leave in color and will share in my next blog posting.

Close to the Edge

I have some photos to share from a walk yesterday evening. It was shortly after 6PM. The temperature was -18C with a wind chill making it feel like -25. The snow was continuing to fall lightly as it had been doing through the day.  Bundled up in my parka, snowpants, gloves and heavy boots I was comfortable enough at the start but half an hour later my toes and fingers were numb. I was thankful for the automatic setting and robustness of my Nikon that allowed me to take this series without removing my gloves.

I’m calling this post/series “Close to the edge” as my journey took me close to the edge of Edmonton’s downtown core (south along a deserted 96th Street) and then close to the edge of the river valley. I might also add that it was close to the edge of the weather conditions in which a sane person would be out taking photos.

A Cold Snowy Friday Night on 96th Street

Yellow Building

Storefront Glow

Flat Iron Building

Russian Orthodox church

Snowy Street looking North up 96 Street

96 Street ends at 101 Avenue with great views of and across the North Saskatchewan River valley

Buildings of downtown Edmonton

the lit-up pyramids of the Muttart Conservatory

Lights from the valley and the south side of Edmonton

River Valley Jewels

Winter Night and Lights

Here are three black and white photos from this evening:

Lights in the Valley

Walking Home on a Cold Winter Night

Rowland Road and Dawson Bridge