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2018 – Abstract Selections

Here are my favorite abstract photos from each month of 2018. I have employed a number of techniques in these selections, from found patterns in “nature”, to digital manipulation to camera (or object ) motion:













Looking back on 2018, I didn’t do as much abstract photography as I thought I did. At least I didn’t capture as many images during 2018. I did finish up a number of abstract photos that I had taken years ago, and they are among my favorite images. However those images are not included in this 2018 collection, so please look back to my earlier “abstract photography”- tagged blog posts to see them.

Spring Reflections

Technically it is late-winter, not quite spring yet, but the melting has begun, puddles formed and reflections are making for some interesting images:




Puddle and Path


Storyland Sky

Impressions of Early April

Early April in this part of the world (Edmonton, Canada) is a time of transition, Usually most of the winter’s snow has melted (except for some shaded areas in ravines). However it is not unusual for moisture in combination with cooler days to result in new snow falling. Here are some of my abstract photos from this period, that for me capture the feeling of this transitional season without getting caught up in the details.

Abstract 412-209

Camera motion during the exposure distilled the image to it’s color essence although the captured color was subtler than shown here.

Dance of the Evergreens

At this time of year, the deciduous trees are still a month away from leafing-out. Most of the green in the landscape comes from the spruce and pine trees.

Rivers and creeks have melted significantly to provide magical reflections.

Spring Reflection


Puddles from the melted snow come and go, sometimes providing reflective surfaces and sometimes just capturing impressions of foot/paw prints.

Abstract Landscape 412-189

The light of spring can be bright and the colors subtle, but the promises for the future are big.

The Beauty That’s There for the Taking

This week my eye was drawn back to abstract shapes and compositions in the urban environment:

Here are a few of my photos from downtown Edmonton:

Blue Sky Corner

Shades of Blue


Commerce Place Entrance

Gold Block on an Inclined Plane


Sky-high Gridlock

I never cease to be amazed at the beauty that  can be seen if we just slow down enough to look at what is around us.