painting and photographic works

Island View Beach

This is another of my painting from 1992, the same era and series of my Candles in the Rain. Again this painting was inspired by Canada’s west coast, but this one instead of looking into the deep, dark rain forest, captures  a scene looking from a beach out to the sea.

Waiting on Island View Beach

Island View Beach is on the east side of the Saanich Peninsula, north of Victoria (British Columbia, Canada). While on vacation we spent a few days camped near Island View Beach.  Many hours were spent on the beach playing with my dog, flying a kite and doing a bit of sculpture. The sculpture was created by assembling pieces of beach driftwood that were lying around. It was, I recall, fairly physical work moving about some sizable pieces of wood and for some having to dig holes to anchor some pieces. This 24 by 30 inch (61 x 76 cm) acrylic on canvas  painting is based on a photo I took  of what I came up with.



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