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West Coast (a Painting Series)

In around 1992 after visits to Canada’s west coast (particularly the Gulf Islands), I produced, perhaps my favorite series of paintings. This collection featured trees(and/or driftwood), shorelines and often active skies. My works at this time may show signs of influence from the paintings of Emily Carr.


“Bending to the Sky”, acrylic on hardboard, 61 by 61 cm, 1992


“Windswept”, acrylic on hardboard, 51 by 61 cm, 1992


“Red Leaning”, acrylic on hardboard, 12 by 15 cm, 1992


“Waiting on Island View Beach”, acrylic on canvas, 61 by 76 cm, 1992


“Turning Sky”, acrylic on canvas, 61 by 61 cm, 1992


Candles in the Rain

This may be my personal favorite of my own paintings . Candles in the Rain is the painting which I have considered to be my signature piece (it serves as the homepage icon on my website) and I can not imagine ever selling it. This may not be my “best” painting but it does serve as an important milestone in my painting journey.

"Candles in the Rain", a painting by Randall Talbot

This 20 by 24 inch (51x61cm) acrylic on hardboard painting was completed in 1992. It was one of a number of paintings during this period inspired by Canada’s west coast and particularly the Gulf Islands and southeastern Vancouver Island.  In the late 80’s and early 90’s I had a number of vacations in this region, traveling by bicycle and car. I was also quite inspired at the time by the works and style of Emily Carr. To see more of my coastal paintings from this time please visit this page of my website: