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Twitter Artists Unite!

I am excited by a very unique, upcoming art exhibit that I am planning to be a part of. The exhibit will feature post-card sized works of artists from around the world who have come together in an informal community via  Twitter.

The exhibit is being organized by Norwegian artist David Sandum and will take place at a public library in his hometown of Moss in Norway. Given the talent and diversity of the Twitter artistic community this should be a very interesting exhibition.

Not only is this exhibit just a really neat idea but it is also for a good cause. All proceeds from the sale of the works on display will go towards the purchase of children’s books for the library. Each of the works is to sell for a very reasonable 100kr or about $17. To learn more about this project please visit the blog post of David Sandum.

To see the works of and to learn more about, the artist behind this project visit the web site of David Sandum.


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